In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its significant impact on local businesses, industry sectors and jobs, the South Australian Government has announced a second economic stimulus package – the Jobs Rescue Package, worth $650 million – that will provide immediate financial support and relief to those most affected.

Within the Jobs Rescue Package, there are a range of measures that will provide support for workers, individual businesses and industry sectors, community organisations, sporting clubs, arts, cultural, community and recreational bodies as well as non-government organisations experiencing financial hardship and other impacts caused by restrictions enforced to limit the spread of the disease.

Two new funds have been established to support business, jobs and community organisations:

  • A $300 million Business and Jobs Support Fund; and
  • A $250 million Community and Jobs Support Fund.

The top priority for the Funds is the ongoing survival of entities and minimising job losses.  At this time, it is not proposed that the Funds would be available to assist expansion opportunities or new activities or events.

The Government has also recently announced increased funding for the Economic and Business Growth Fund.  Further information on the Economic and Business Growth Fund is available at

Any queries in relation to the Business and Jobs Support Fund or Community and Jobs Support Fund or submissions seeking Government assistance from these Funds can be lodged at:

Submissions should seek to highlight the impacts of COVID-19 through loss of income and other impacts.

Individual businesses and community organisations are encouraged to work through their representative bodies, where possible, to make submissions to Government so that the broad impacts across each sector can be fully understood.

Through the Community and Jobs Support Fund the Government will also consider submissions that highlight additional community services which are required to respond to demands directly resulting from COVID-19.

The Government is also working on arrangements to support displaced workers finding alternative employment – further details will be announced soon.

As part of the Jobs Rescue Package, the Government is also providing the following support to businesses and households:

Payroll tax relief

Business groups with annual Australian wages of up to $4 million will receive a six month payroll tax waiver. Eligible business groups will not be required to pay any payroll tax in the months of April to September 2020.

The payroll tax waiver is expected to provide maximum assistance of $84,150 over the six months to an estimated 2,400 business groups.

Business groups with annual Australian wages above $4 million that can demonstrate they have been significantly impacted by COVID‑19 will, upon application, be able to defer payroll tax payments for the six months from April to September 2020. For these eligible business groups, payroll tax payments that were due to be paid from April to September will now be due from October 2020.

Further information is available at

Land tax package

From July, the South Australian Government’s significant land tax reforms will begin, delivering $189 million in savings to investors and landlords over the next three years.

Under the new measures, businesses and individuals paying land tax quarterly in 2019-20 will be able to defer payment of their remaining 2019-20 land tax payments for six months.

In addition, the Government will increase the existing land tax transition fund relief.

It was previously announced that transitional relief equivalent to 50% of the increase in a 2020-21 land tax assessment would be available to eligible taxpayers whose land tax bill had increased as a result of the changes in aggregation of land commencing from 1 July 2020.

This relief will be increased to 100% of the increase in an eligible taxpayer’s 2020-21 land tax assessment, subject to the existing criteria – saving some investors up to an additional $50,000.

Further information is available at

Job Accelerator Grants

The Government is relaxing the existing Job Accelerator Grant (JAG) criteria requiring an employer to have maintained their overall employment levels to be eligible for their second JAG payment. The Government understands that due to the impact of COVID-19, some employers may not be able to meet this criteria.

Applications for the second JAG payment from 1 February to 30 June 2020 will be assessed on staffing levels as at 31 January 2020 rather than the relevant anniversary date.

Further information is available at

Liquor licensing fees

The Government will provide a waiver of annual liquor licencing fees for 2020-21 for the following liquor licence categories:

  • On Premises
  • Residential
  • Restaurant & Catering
  • Club
  • Liquor Production & Sales
  • Small Venue

Holders of a General and Hotel licence who have a bottle shop will receive reduced fees, or a full waiver if they do not have a bottle shop.

Packaged Liquor Sales licence fee will not be reduced or waived.  Licensees who believe that they should receive a discount may still apply for a fee reduction through the CBS website from 1 June.

For further information please visit

Cost of living concession

The Government will also provide a once off boost of $500 and bring forward the 2020-21 Cost of Living Concession for households who are receiving the Centrelink JobSeeker Payment, assisting those who are unemployed or lose their jobs as a result of the coronavirus restrictions.

For eligible homeowners, their 2020-21 payment of $215.10 will now become $715.10. Eligible tenants will receive $607.60.

For further information available at