Fifth Progress Report (2012)

The Fifth Progress Report (PDF 1.9MB) presents the Responsible Gambling Working Party’s recommendations to the Minister about the specification and implementation of pre-commitment in South Australia.

Fourth Progress Report (2010)

The Fourth Progress Report (PDF 480.6KB) summarises the key findings and lessons learnt from the Responsible Gambling Working Party’s evaluation of the Worldsmart Technology Pty Ltd trial of its Playsmart pre-commitment system, and the Working Party’s evaluation of its trial of the ChangeTracker Card (a manual budget tracking tool).

This progress report also describes the outcomes of the In-Venue Signage Advisory Group – a subgroup established by the Working Party to review in-venue signage – and a structured discussion held with a group of people with experience in the area of money management and financial literacy.

Third Progress Report (2009)

The Third Progress Report (PDF 434KB) summarises the Responsible Gambling Working Party’s acceptance of two player tracking and pre-commitment trial proposals and the basis for the conduct and management of the evaluations. The progress report also summarises other activities undertaken by the Working Party in the areas of informed decision making and money management.

Second Progress Report (2008)

In its Second Progress Report (PDF 303KB), the Responsible Gambling Working Party issued an invitation to industry proponents to present proposals for the conduct of venue card based player tracking and pre-commitment trials, which the Working Party would consider with regard to conducting an evaluation. The progress report outlines the criteria for the acceptance of proposals and the conduct of the trials.

Also summarised in the Second Progress Report are the outcomes of a series of structured discussions with community leaders in four regions across the State (Mount Gambier, Regency Park, Riverland and Port Pirie) in regard to strategies that the Working Party could consider under its three key focus areas.

First Progress Report (2007)

In the First Progress Report (PDF 212KB) the Responsible Gambling Working Party presented the outcomes of its initial investigation of practical ways to assist customers who wish to make a commitment about their level of gambling on electronic gaming machines.  The discussion primarily focuses on the key themes of informed decision making, financial literacy and in-venue support in the context of supporting customer commitment before, during and after play.