Everyone wants to reduce the human and financial impact of workplace injuries. We believe this can be achieved by working together as a team. This means effective communication and collaboration between claims managers, return to work providers, employers, employees and medical practitioners. Everyone must be focused on supporting injured workers to return to the workplace as safely and quickly as possible.

The DTF Work Injury Services team helps a large number of small to medium size agencies manage workers compensation claims. Injury management services include claims management, return to work consultancy, reporting, internal auditing and training for agencies. We take a holistic approach aiming to reduce the human and financial impact of work related injuries.

Dealing with workers compensation can be complex, so it is essential that everyone involved works together to achieve a safe return to work for all injured workers. Employer participation, a supportive environment and cooperation between employees and management are crucial in facilitating a successful return to work.

An injured worker has rights and responsibilities, as does the employer. An overview of these rights and responsibilities are highlighted in the Your Road to Recovery Booklet.

Work practices at DTF Work Injury Services are continuously improving due to a robust quality assurance program.