The South Australian Government has decided to make available more government held information to members of the public without requiring them to make a freedom of information (FOI) access application. Providing ready and easy access to government information allows the public to better engage with the government and participate in the making of important decisions, policies and laws.

There are two types of information available through proactive disclosure, information that is frequently requested through Freedom of Information, as described below, and Cabinet documents.

Frequently requested information

In September 2013, Cabinet approved the online publication of information regularly requested under FOI. The implementation of this policy is governed by Premier and Cabinet Circular 35 (PC035). The first set of information, covering July 2013, was made available in September 2013. This information will be updated periodically.

This information made available under PC035 includes expenditure on mobile phones, credit cards, travel and ancillary office expenditure. It also includes information relating to DTF’s capital works, consultants, gift register and procurement practices. Use the links below to view the information.

Expenditure by the Under Treasurer for April 2020

  • Mobile phone costs (PDF 93KB)
  • Credit Card expenditure (Nil)
  • Ancillary office expenditure (Nil)
  • Gifts and benefits (Nil)
  • Domestic/regional travel expenses (Nil)

View expenditure by the Under Treasurer for previous months


Expenditure by the Treasurer and Ministerial Staff for July 2020

View expenditure by the Treasurer and Ministerial Staff for previous months


Expenditure by the Leader of the Opposition and staff for June 2020

View expenditure by the Leader of the Opposition and staff for previous months

Expenditure by the Minister for Finance and Ministerial Staff

View expenditure by the Minister for Finance for previous months

Overseas Travel

Capital works

A summary of DTF's investing expenditure can be found in Budget Paper 4 on the State Budget website.


Under Premier and Cabinet Circular 27, DTF is required to disclose details of its contracts with consultants. This information can be found on the Tenders and Contracts web site.

Procurement practices

DTF uses a procurement governance policy (PDF 78KB) and a process approvals guideline to guide its procurement.

Freedom of Information Proactive Disclosure

In compliance with Premier and Cabinet Circular PC045 – Disclosure logs for non-personal information released through Freedom of Information (FOI), a log detailing all non-personal applications determined by DTF after 1 October 2017, can be found on the Freedom of Information page.