Agency programs and their objectives

Program name


Accountability for Public Sector Resources

Treasury and Finance has the role of ensuring accountability for public sector resources through providing policy, economic and financial advice to the government and coordinating resource allocations for government programs and priorities at the whole of government level.

Treasury and Finance provides support to the government through delivering a range of key projects aimed at maximising commercial outcomes for government. These projects progress policy reforms and commercial initiatives for the economic benefit of the state.

Treasury Services

Management of the government’s financial assets and liabilities and provision of certainty of funding to the state.

Sub-program: Revenue Collection and Management

Administration of taxation legislation through the management of revenue and compliance systems, processes, policy advice and taxpayer education to enable the government to raise revenue. RevenueSA also manages various grants and subsidy schemes for the government.

Sub-program: Treasury, Insurance and Fleet Services

The objectives of this sub-program include:

  • management of the government’s financial assets and liabilities and provision of certainty of funding to the state
  • insurance cover to government agencies through the insurance and reinsurance of government risks
  • advice to the government on issues relating to insurance and the management of risks
  • provision of fleet management services to agencies and vehicle disposal services to government.

Sub-program: Superannuation Services

The objectives of this sub-program are to:

  • administer the various public sector superannuation schemes for the South Australian Superannuation Board and the Southern Select Super Corporation, as well as the superannuation arrangements for parliamentarians, judges and former governors
  • provide superannuation policy and legislative advice to the South Australian Superannuation Board, the Southern Select Super Corporation, the Chief Executive and the Treasurer.

Sub-program: Compulsory Third Party Insurance Regulator

The Compulsory Third Party Insurance Regulator (CTPIR) is an independent statutory authority under the Compulsory Third Party Insurance Regulation Act 2016. The CTPIR has been established to oversee and regulate the new market-based CTP Insurance model that commenced in South Australia on 1 July 2016. From 1 July 2016, CTP Insurance has been provided by four well known and established insurers charging identical premiums set by the CTPIR. This model will operate for three years, before transitioning to a fully competitive market on 1 July 2019.

Government Services

Provision of a comprehensive range of services to various government agencies and the community.

Sub-program: Shared Services

Delivery of corporate services to various government agencies in the areas of accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, work injury services and finance, enabling agencies to focus on their core business operations.

Sub-program: Whole of Government Procurement

Provision of across government contracts for goods, services and information communications technology to deliver financial savings to government, the provision of specialist procurement advice and assistance to agencies, support to the State Procurement Board and the delivery of community benefits through the support of locally based businesses.

Sub-program: Electorate Services

Provision of support services to members of parliament to assist them in meeting their responsibilities to the parliament and the broader community.