Notification of a work related injury

When an employee sustains a work related injury their manager or supervisor must notify one of our Return to Work Consultants immediately:

Return to Work Consultant
DTF Work Injury Services

It is important that the notifier provides:

  • as much detail as possible of the injury
  • contact details for the injured worker
  • their own contact details

to help the Return to Work Consultant undertake a return to work assessment. If possible, it is preferable for a Return to Work Referral Form to be completed and forwarded via email.

The Return to Work Consultant will review the information, and contact the injured worker and supervisor or manager if necessary, to assess the needs of the worker. If return to work assistance is required the Return to Work Consultant will meet with the worker for an initial review. In consultation with the injured worker, manager or supervisor and the treating medical practitioner, the Return to Work Consultant will establish a Recovery/Return to Work Plan.