The Treasurer's Instructions (Accounting Policy Statements) are available from the Treasurer's Instructions page on

All other Treasurer's Instructions issued by the Treasurer under the authority of Section 41 of the Public Finance & Audit Act 1987 are below:

1 Interpretation and Application (PDF 140.1KB)
2 Financial Management (PDF 29KB)
3 Appropriation (PDF 174KB)
4 Establishment of Merchant Facilities for Acceptance of Payments (PDF 132.6KB)
5 Debt Recovery and Write Offs (PDF 146.7KB)
6 Deposit Accounts and Banking (PDF 35.6KB)

Corporate Governance (PDF 25.4KB)

Guidance Note to Treasurer's Instruction 7 (PDF 43.3KB)

8 Financial Authorisations (PDF 229KB)
9 Payroll Deductions (PDF 147.6KB)
10 Engagement of Legal Practitioners (PDF 29.8KB)
11 Payment of Creditor’s Accounts (PDF 220KB)
12 Government Purchase Cards (PDF 57.9K)
13 Expenditure Incurred by Ministers and Ministerial Staff (PDF 230KB)

Guidelines for Treasurer's Instruction 13 (PDF 89KB)
14 Ex Gratia Payments (PDF 118KB)
15 Grant Funding (PDF 487KB)
16Withdrawn on 04/07/2005

Evaluation of and Approvals to Proceed with Public Sector Initiatives (PDF 197KB)

Guidelines for the Evaluation of Public Sector Initiatives Part A (PDF 1MB)

Guidelines for the Evaluation of Public Sector Initiatives Part B (PDF 1.4 MB)

18Withdrawn on 30/06/2008
19 Financial Reporting (PDF 134KB)
20 Guarantees and Indemnities (PDF 33KB)
21Withdrawn on 09/11/2005
22 Tax Equivalent Payments (PDF 148KB)
23 Management of Foreign Currency Exposures (PDF 136KB)
24Withdrawn on 26/09/2005
25 Taxation Policies (PDF 190KB)
26Withdrawn on 20/08/2006. Replaced with revised procurement guidelines - visit the State Procurement Board for more information
27Withdrawn 28/12/2005. Replaced with DPC Circular 27
28 Financial Management Compliance Program (PDF 34KB)