Budget Paper 1: Budget Overview

A summary publication capturing all highlights from the 2015–16 Budget.

Budget Paper 1 - Budget Overview (PDF 627KB)

Budget Paper 2: Budget Speech

A copy of the Treasurer’s speech, delivered to parliament on 18 June 2016.

Budget Paper 2 - Budget Speech (PDF 442KB)

Budget Paper 3: Budget Statement

A financial report presenting the state government’s current and estimated future economic performance, fiscal strategy, budget priorities, expenditure, revenue, assets, liabilities, risks and government business.

Budget Paper 3 - Budget Statement (PDF 2.4MB)

Budget Paper 4: Agency Statements

Various financial reports presenting the state government’s current and estimated revenue, expenses and performance by agency

Budget Paper 5: Budget Measures Statement

A financial report detailing the state government’s expenditure, savings and revenue initiatives.

Mid-Year Budget Review

Final Budget Outcome

Media and other publications

Budget at a Glance (PDF 185 KB)