Congratulations Kevin Cantley - Awarded a Public Service Medal

We are proud that in this year's Australia Day announcement of Meritorious Service Awards, Kevin Cantley, was awarded the Public Service Medal (PSM) for outstanding public service to financial management and infrastructure development in South Australia.

Kevin has been an outstanding public servant throughout his career and has consistently performed at the highest level. He has been involved in and led key projects to successfully deliver critical ventures that have considerably improved socio-economic outcomes for South Australians.

As a part of the Port Pirie Transformation Task Force he took the lead in negotiations that led to a multi-hundred million dollar investment securing the economic future for an important regional centre in South Australia's Mid North.

His expertise and approach was instrumental in reaching an agreement between the Australian Football League (AFL), the South Australian National Football League (SANFL), the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) and other stakeholders for the structuring and implementation of the financial arrangements for the Adelaide Oval Redevelopment project.

In addition to serving with the Department of Treasury and Finance he was also the General Manager of the South Australia Government Financing Authority (SAFA) where he managed complex structured financial arrangements and advised on the management of financial risks.

Kevin’s strong work ethic, determination and financial expertise have helped to secure projects with significant and lasting benefits for the community of South Australia.

Congratulations Kevin