The South Australian state budget was released on 22 June 2021 and announced the South Australian Public Sector Workforce Rejuvenation Scheme.

The scheme is a government initiative aimed at rejuvenating the SA public sector workforce by making available an incentive to employees to separate from the SA public sector employment. It’s expected to create new public sector employment opportunities, including for graduates and trainees.

Offers may be made to any employee who has a right to ongoing employment in the SA Public Sector. The scheme will not be open to general applications with offers made at the discretion of the relevant agency Chief Executive.

The scheme will operate until 31 December 2021 and provide a termination payment of $50,000 gross to employees with 10 years or more service, or $25,000 gross to employees with less than 10 years service. Pro rata for part-time employees.

If an employee is interested in separating from the public sector under this scheme they should raise this with their Chief Executive (or a nominated HR contact in their agency). Any offers to employees will however be at the discretion of a Chief Executive.

Any decision by an employee to accept an offer would be voluntary.