The Department of Treasury and Finance has launched the Gender Equality in Leadership (GEiL) strategy.

This strategy is aimed at achieving a 50/50 gender split in leadership positions in DTF from ASO7 and above by 2020.

We are embracing the importance of gender equality and know to achieve this we have to change our mindset and culture, and challenge unconscious bias.

The implementation of this strategy will be led, championed and monitored by the Executive Leadership Group (ELG) and we will develop the policies, guidelines and reporting mechanisms to support this strategic priority.

Women in Treasury, in consultation with the ELG, considered what a truly diverse workplace actually looks like and how we can position DTF as not only a workplace for the future, but one that embraces gender equality and is truly an employer of choice.

We have set a goal to create a workplace where women can access equal opportunities in the workplace based on merit, without prejudice and without being forced to choose between family life and rewarding paid work.

David Reynolds, Chief Executive of the Department of Treasury and Finance, presenting to key stakeholders on 7 June 2016 about why Gender Equality in Leadership is important to him and the department and how this strategy will be implemented.


Erma Ranieri, Commissioner for Public Sector Employment at Office for the Public Sector, presenting to key stakeholders on 7 June 2016 about why DTF’s Gender Equality in Leadership strategy is important to the Public Sector.

Download a copy of DTF's GEiL strategy