2017-18 Annual Report

This annual report is presented to Parliament to meet the statutory reporting requirements of Public Sector Act 2009 and meets the requirements of Premier and Cabinet Circular PC013 Annual Reporting.

This report is verified to be accurate for the purposes of annual reporting to the Parliament of South Australia.

David Reynolds
Chief Executive 
Under Treasurer

Section A: Reporting required under the Public Sector Act 2009, the Public Sector Regulations 2010 and the Public Finance and Audit Act 1987

Working together to support the future prosperity and wellbeing of all South Australians.

Our objectives are:

  • Trust and empower our skilled, diverse, flexible and committed people.
  • Promote and support responsible budget and financial management.
  • Deliver timely high-quality services to meet the needs of our clients.

Collaborate to deliver high quality advice.

Key strategy

SA Government objective

Trust and empower our skilled, diverse, flexible and committed people.

Efficient and accountable government.

Promote and support responsible budget and financial management.

Sound fiscal management.

Deliver timely high-quality services to meet the needs of our clients.

Efficient and accountable government.

Collaborate to deliver high quality advice.

A more productive government.

In addition, the Department of Treasury and Finance is responsible for implementing the following Government election commitments:

  • Undertake inquiry into water pricing
  • Implement changes to support abolishing payroll tax for small business and reducing Emergency Services Levy and Land Tax

Lower costs for families and businesses.

Create more jobs.

Program name

Indicators of performance / effectiveness / efficiency

Outcome for South Australia

Gambling Policy

Commence regulatory and tax arrangements for the new place of consumption wagering tax. Lead an interjurisdictional working group on options for a consistent national wagering tax based on the place of consumption.

Implementation of taxation arrangements that better reflect where the activity and potential social burden of harms associated with wagering are occurring.

Progress outcomes, including any required legislative amendments, in relation to the Illegal Offshore Wagering Reform process and a National Consumer Protection Framework.

Continuation of strong consumer protections for wagering activity.

Accountability for Public Sector Resources

Produce and publish the consolidated Government of South Australia financial statements for 2016‑17, the 2017–18 Mid-Year Budget Review (MYBR) and commence the 2018–19 Budget.

Completed 2016-17 financial statements and 2017-18 MYBR. Commenced the 2018-19 Budget process enabling the government to deliver on its election commitments in a sustainable manner.


Prepare advice to inform the incoming government in relation to the state's fiscal position and outlook.

Advice was prepared to inform the government of the state’s fiscal position and outlook.


Prepare advice for the government in relation to the Productivity Commission’s Inquiry into Australia’s System of Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation and the Commonwealth Grants Commission’s 2020 Methodology Review.

Provision of advice seeking to ensure that South Australia receives an equitable share of Commonwealth funding. The Commonwealth Government is currently discussing their interim response to the Productivity Commission review into Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation with all jurisdictions.


Commence work on simplification of the Treasurer’s Instructions to increase agility in government decision making while maintaining a strong governance framework.

The review of Treasurer’s Instructions has commenced and is expected to be completed in 2018‑19.

Accountability for Public Sector Resources (Cont.)

Manage the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) Fund as delegated by MAC in order to maximise value.

As delegated, the MAC fund has continued to be managed appropriately to ensure value is maximised including a MAC payment to government of $359.4 million in June 2018.

Complete the transition of Domiciliary Care services from the Department of Human Services to the non-government sector.

Domiciliary Care Services successfully transitioned including 255 Department of Human Services employees to the Non-Government Organisation Silver Chain Group (RDNS SA) on 29 June 2018.

Finalise the contractual arrangements for the commercialisation of a range of transactional land services and functions previously delivered by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and commence providing transitional support services with the new service provider.

Provision of the State’s property transaction and valuation services successfully transitioned from the State to Land Services SA on 13 October 2017, after the State received $1.605 billion in consideration from Land Services SA.

Implement the update of the Australian System of Government Financial Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods, including the classification of the Function of Government Reporting.

Implementation of the new reporting framework has led to a consistent reporting basis for all Australian jurisdictions enabling evaluation, comparisons and benchmarking between jurisdictions.  The updated framework improves the information available to government to make better informed decisions about economic management.

Assist in finalising negotiations with the Commonwealth Government for a new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement, a Bilateral Agreement on the National Disability Insurance Scheme and a National Partnership Agreement on Skilling Australians.

Negotiations completed. The Government has entered into the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement, the National Disability Insurance Scheme bilateral agreement and the National Partnership on Skilling Australians. These arrangements provide funding certainty for homelessness and disability services and support the Government’s objective of creating over 20,000 new apprenticeships and traineeships over the next 5 years.

Accountability for Public Sector Resources (Cont.)

Provide advice on Commonwealth legislative reforms to education funding.

Advice provided to the government, including to inform State bilateral negotiations.

Treasury Services

Continue to broaden the South Australian Government Financing Authority’s (SAFA) profile and penetration with investors to enable cost-effective refinancing of existing short and long-term debt.

SAFA’s funding task for 2017-18 was reduced to $3.6 billion from $4.8 billion following the release of the MYBR, with a successful completion of that revised requirement. The funding was raised through the issue of a mixture of short and long-term debt from both domestic and offshore financial markets.

Renew the government’s catastrophe reinsurance program on favourable terms.

The State’s catastrophe reinsurance program was successfully renewed for the period 31 October 2017 to 31 October 2018. The total cost of reinsurance for the year ended 30 June 2018 was $8.3 million.

Revenue Collection and Management

Achieved $72,115,167 in revenue resulting from compliance initiatives.

Achieved 97.87% of revenue banked on day of receipt.

Achieved below 65 cents cost for administration per $100 tax.

The effective and efficient administration of revenue collection maintains a revenue base from which to fund essential services

Superannuation Services

Achieved 81% of approved service level standards by 30 June 2018.

Achieved 98% of member statements issued by 31 August 2017.

Achieved issuance of superannuant payment summaries within 14 days from 1 July 2017.

Super SA remains in the most cost efficient quartile measured by Chant West Benchmarking report.

In May 2017 Super SA implemented Phase 1 of its next generation administration system, with accompanying electronic document capabilities and enhanced on-line functionality.

During the year Super SA also implemented changes to its insurance products as well as changes to allow the early release of superannuation on compassionate and hardship grounds.

Compulsory Third Party Insurance Regulator

Further progress the CTP Insurance market reforms towards a competitive market in 2019–20.

Monitor and enforce CTP Insurer compliance with contractual obligations.

Implement an early intervention and injury recovery framework for claimants.

The Regulator finalised the design of the CTP Competition Scheme model after extensive consultation with stakeholders. From 1 July 2019, when motor vehicle owners register their vehicle they will choose a CTP Insurer on the basis of price and claimant service.

Five significant claims reviews were undertaken to regulate and monitor CTP Insurers’ compliance with their contractual and legislative obligations.

An Injury Recovery Framework was developed to establish consistent processes for claimant injury recovery, regardless of CTP Insurer. Injured claimants can use the Framework to understand how the Scheme works, how to access treatment and how payments are made for reasonable and necessary interventions.

Veterans Affairs

Work with SA Health, the veteran community and key stakeholders to deliver the Jamie Larcombe Centre

The Jamie Larcombe Centre officially opened in October 2017, ensuring that South Australian ex‑serving personnel have access to the most up to date care in a state of the art mental health facility.

Complete and launch the South Australian Anzac Centenary book project ‘SA in the Great War’.

Valour and Violets – South Australia in the Great War was launched in January 2018 and includes profiles of South Australian servicemen and nurses told alongside stories of those who featured prominently in the home front war effort. Written and designed to appeal to readers aged 12 years and above, it is a comprehensive history book and a valuable educational resource that has been distributed to all South Australian schools and public libraries.


Develop a strategy for the establishment of a Defence/Veterans hub at Anzac House, Torrens Parade Ground, with satellite hubs at Glenside and Edinburgh.

Strategy for the establishment of a Defence Hub has been progressed during 2017-18 with a detailed costing to be developed during 2018-19 for consideration. Discussions with History SA and other stakeholders are ongoing. The satellite Partnerships Hub at Glenside has been operating since April 2018.  

Work with the Commonwealth Government to develop appropriate events to commemorate the Centenary of Armistice Day in 2018.

Veterans SA has provided support and coordination assistance to the national Armistice Centenary Working Group to coordinate national events.

Work with the Adelaide City Council and the broader veteran community to relocate the Dardanelles Cenotaph from its current location in Adelaide’s southwest parklands to the northern end of the new Anzac Centenary Memorial Walk.

Veterans SA has worked closely with the Adelaide City Council, DPTI and the broader veteran community to relocate the Dardanelles Cenotaph, which is planned to occur before February 2019.  Once relocated the Cenotaph will be seen by hundreds of people each day and will no longer be the forgotten memorial.

Assist the Headstone Project Committee to locate, identify and memorialise World War One veterans who returned from conflict and now lie in unmarked graves in South Australia.

Veterans SA assisted the Headstone project committee by providing funding to enable them to continue to locate, identify and memorialise WW1 veterans who lay in unmarked graves around South Australia.  There have now been 43 unmarked graves identified, the Headstone Project is moving forward to ensure that those who fought and died for our nations freedom are appropriately commemorated.

Office of the Valuer-General

Continuation of the revaluation program.

Project planning completed and operational components of the Revaluation Initiative (RI) progressed with project completion expected June 2021. The RI aims to improve valuation accuracy across the state, which is important for the fairness associated with property based taxation.

Office of the Valuer-General (Cont.)

Anticipated records assessment growth — target 925 000 assessments.

928,875 assessments recorded, resulting in capital value of $416.7 billion and site value of $246.7 billion across the State for 2017-18 for rating and taxing purposes.

Bank Merger (BankSA and Advance Bank) Act 1996

Bank Mergers South Australia) Act 1997

Benefit Associations Act 1958 (March 2018)

Commonwealth Places (Mirror Taxes Administration) Act 1999

Compulsory Third Party Insurance Regulation Act 2016 (March 2018)

Construction Industry Long Service Leave Act 1987 (March 2018)

Dangerous Substances Act 1979 (March 2018)

Daylight Saving Act 1971 (March 2018)

Electricity Corporations Act 1994 (March 2018)

Electricity Corporations (Restructuring and Disposal) Act 1999 (March 2018)

Emergency Services Funding Act 1998

Employment Agents Registration Act 1993 (March 2018)

Essential Services Commission Act 2002

Explosives Act 1936 (March 2018)

Fair Work Act 1994 (March 2018)

Fair Work (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2009 (March 2018)

Financial Agreement Act 1994 (March 2018)*

Financial Sector (Transfer of Business) Act 1999

Financial Transaction Reports (State Provisions) Act 1992

First Home and Housing Construction Grants Act 2000 (March 2018)

Government Financing Authority Act 1982

Governor’s Pensions Act 1976 (March 2018)

Holidays Act 1910 (March 2018)

Housing Loans Redemption Fund Act 1962

Interest on Crown Advances and Leases Act 1944

Judge’s Pensions Act 1971 (March 2018)

Land Tax Act 1936

Late Payment of Government Debts (Interest) Act 2013 (March 2018)

Local Government Finance Authority Act 1983 (March 2018)

Long Service Leave Act 1987 (March 2018)

Motor Accident Commission Act 1992 (March 2018)

National Tax Reform (State Provisions) Act 2000

National Wine Centre (Re-structuring and Leasing Arrangements) Act 2002 (March 2018)

New Tax System Price Exploitation Code (South Australia) Act 1999

Parliamentary Superannuation Act 1974 (March 2018)

Payroll Tax Act 2009

Petroleum Products Regulation Act 1995 (March 2018)

Police Superannuation Act 1990 (March 2018)

Public Corporations Act 1993

Public Finance and Audit Act 1987

Public Sector Act 2009 (March 2018)

Public Sector (Honesty and Accountability) Act 1995 (March 2018)

Return to Work Act 2014 (March 2018)

Return to Work Corporation of South Australia Act 1994 (March 2018)

Rural Advances Guarantee Act 1963

SGIC (Sale) Act 1995 (March 2018)

Shop Trading Hours Act 1977 (March 2018)

South Australian Employment Tribunal Act 2014 (March 2018)

South Australian Timber Corporation Act 1979 (March 2018)

South Australian Timber Corporation (Sale of Assets) Act 1996 (March 2018)

Southern State Superannuation Act 2009 (March 2018)

Stamp Duties Act 1923

Standard Time Act 2009 (March 2018)

State Bank (Corporatisation) Act 1994

State Lotteries Act 1966 (March 2018)

State Procurement Act 2004 (March 2018)

Superannuation Act 1988 (March 2018)

Supplementary Financial Agreement (Soldiers Settlement Loans) Act 1934 (March 2018)*

Superannuation Funds Management Corporation of South Australia Act 1995 (March 2018)

TAB (Disposal) Act 2000 (March 2018)

Taxation Administration Act 1996 (March 2018)

Unclaimed Moneys Act 1891 (March 2018)

Westpac/Challenge Act 1996 (March 2018)

Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (June 2018)

*Denotes Act of limited application.

Legislation ceased to be administered by the agency:

Casino Act 1997 (committed to the Attorney General on 22 March 2018)

Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (committed to Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government on 22 March 2018

Office of the Chief Executive

Super SA

Revenue SA

Veterans’ SA

Financial Services

ICT Services

Public Finance

Budget, Analysis and Performance

Commercial Projects

South Australian Government Financing Authority (SAFA)

CTP Insurance Regulator

Lifetime Support Authority

State Valuation Office


Program name

Result of the program

Graduate Program

DTF coordinates the South Australian Government Graduate Development Program for Graduates in accounting, finance, commerce and economics. The program targets the development of core interpersonal skills in addition to technical skills, and provides participants with the opportunity to apply their learning directly to government specific examples and activities. Of the 25 Graduates engaged through the 2017‑18 program, 4 Graduates were appointed in DTF.

Reconciliation Action Plan

The DTF Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was launched in May 2018. Developed by DTF’s Reconciliation Working Group, the RAP now has a clear focus on ownership and input from all DTF branches, to ensure that deliverables are driven across the whole organisation in order to achieve our vision for reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities. Actions cover the key areas of relationships, respect, opportunities, and governance and reporting, with clearly defined accountabilities across all actions.

Performance management and development system

Assessment of effectiveness and efficiency

Online Performance Discussion Process

All employees have Performance Discussions which are facilitated and documented through the OurDevelopment learning management system. The formal Performance Discussion process is biannual, and focusses on engaging with our people, and building relationships.

Program name and brief description


Injury Management

Reduction in workers compensation costs and work injured employees.

DTF had a reduction in number of new workers compensation claims compared to the previous year. Significant injury rates have consistently remained lower than the rest of the SA Public Sector.

Early intervention assessments are conducted by the department within 24 hours of an injury reported.

All WHS lead performance indicators aligned with key across Government safety performance targets have been met.

Wellbeing and Engagement

DTF continued to provide a comprehensive Wellbeing Program based on the concept of Healthy Body/Healthy Mind to employees. Monthly workshops such as Building Personal Resilience, Managing Stress, Healthy Brain Healthy Body were delivered.

Mental Health First Aid Training was offered to all Designated First Aiders and Health & Safety Representatives in line with provisions of the SA Modern Public Sector Enterprise Agreement – Salaried 2017.

DTF has two Employee Assistance Program providers with a wide range of online resources made available to workers and their family in addition to a variety of delivery methods for counselling services.



% Change
(+ / -)

Workplace injury claims

Total new workplace injury claims



- 80%





Seriously injured workers*




Significant injuries (where lost time exceeds a working week, expressed as frequency rate per 1000 FTE)




Work health and safety regulation

Number of notifiable incidents (WHS Act 2012,
Part 3)




Number of provisional improvement, improvement and prohibition notices (WHS Act 2012 Sections 90, 191 and 195)




Return to work costs**

Total gross workers compensation expenditure ($)



- 66.44%

Income support payments – gross ($)



- 83.24%

*number of claimants assessed during the reporting period as having a whole person impairment of 30% or more under the Return to Work Act 2014 (Part 2 Division 5)
**before third party recovery

Data for the past five years is available at: https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/department-of-treasury-and-finance-annual-report-statistics

Category/nature of fraud

Number of instances

Time recording


Leave recording


DTF is committed to the prevention, detection and control of fraud, corruption, maladministration and misconduct in connection with the Department’s activities.

DTF has a zero tolerance approach to fraud, corruption or other criminal conduct, maladministration and misconduct. DTF is committed to minimising the incidence of fraud and corruption through sound financial, legal and ethical decision-making and organisational practices and promotes the principles of honesty and integrity consistent with the Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector.

DTF has a Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy and a Fraud and Corruption Control Strategy. The main elements of the Control Strategy are:

  1. Governance and Ethics
  2. Awareness and Training
  3. Fraud Prevention
  4. Detection and Investigation
  5. Monitoring and Reporting

More specifically, DTF’s detection, control and prevention strategies include:

  • Relevant financial policies and procedures
  • Documenting fraud risks in a Departmental     risk register
  • Appropriate segregation of duties
  • Whistleblower process
  • Review of transaction reports
  • Review of management reports
  • Data analysis
  • Internal and external audits
  • Review of internal controls post any     incident
  • Financial year end declarations process
  • Fraud and corruption awareness training for     new and existing employees

The Control Strategy also requires serious or systemic offences against DTF and/or the South Australian Public Sector to be referred to the Office for Public Integrity (OPI) or inquiry agencies to investigate.

Additionally the Department engages an independent fraud and corruption specialist once every three years to conduct a Fraud, Corruption and Maladministration Risk Assessment for the Department.

Data for the past five years is available at: https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/department-of-treasury-and-finance-annual-report-statistics

Number of occasions on which public interest information has been disclosed to a responsible officer of the agency under the
Whistle-blowers’ Protection Act 1993


Data for the past five years is available at: https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/department-of-treasury-and-finance-annual-report-statistics

Executive classification

Number of executives







Non-SAES Executives


Data for the past five years is available at: https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/department-of-treasury-and-finance-annual-report-statistics

The Office of the Commissioner of Public Sector Employment has a data dashboard for further information on the breakdown of executive gender, salary and tenure by agency.

The following is a summary of external consultants that have been engaged by the agency, the nature of work undertaken and the total cost of the work undertaken.

Consultancies above $10,000 each



Finity Consulting Pty Ltd

Insurance Actuarial Services


Leed Consulting Pty Ltd

Culture Surveys





Super SA:


Sequential Pty Ltd

Bluedoor Independent Assurance Review and Benefit re-profiling



Operational Risk Quantification Review





Non SAFA & Super SA:


Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd

Small Business Regulatory Reform agreement initiatives.


Ernst & Young

Taxation Advice


Ernst & Young

RISTEC post implementation review


Investec Australia Ltd

Land Services Commercialisation Project


JTWO Solutions Pty Ltd

Gig City Adelaide: Dark Fibre Carrier Strategy and Plan



ICT Advisor for the Evaluation of Bids for the Lands Services Commercialisation Project



Food Safety Inspections - State-Local Government Red Tape Taskforce engagement


LimeBridge Australia Pty Ltd

Customer Experience Review



Internal Audit Services



Completion of Unsolicited Proposal Rapid Assessment Report - Supplementary Analysis



Accounting advice on the application of AASB1059 Service Concession Arrangements



Preparation of enterprise risk management services and premium assessment


Taylor Fry Pty Ltd

Scheme Actuarial Services and SA Crown self‑insured agency advice


The University of Adelaide

Economic Impacts of Infrastructure Investment and Small Business Regulatory Reform reports




Total all consultancies


Data for the past five years is available at: https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/department-of-treasury-and-finance-annual-report-statistics

See also the Consolidated Financial Report of the Department of Treasury and Finance http://treasury.sa.gov.au/ for total value of consultancy contracts across the SA Public Sector.

The following is a summary of external contractors that have been engaged by the agency, the nature of work undertaken and the total cost of the work undertaken.

Contractors above $10,000 each



Between Pty Ltd

Critical IT Support


Diverse Information Solutions

File Archiving Contractors


Randstad Pty Ltd

Short term hire Car Pool Attendant





Super SA:


Aprigrange Pty Ltd

Development of Data manipulation tool for Project Protect


Bravura Solutions

IT System Development


Deloitte Risk Advisory Pty Ltd

Internal Audit Services


Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Liquidity Risk Management Review


DST Bluedoor Pty Ltd

ICT Services


Equifax (Veda Advantage Information)

Data Migration - Blue Door Project


Ernst & Young

Taxation Services


Escient Pty Ltd

Bluedoor Go-Live support


Industry Fund Services Pty Ltd

Seminar Services


KPMG Financial Advisory

Analysis of the Investment Fluctuation Reserve


KPMG Superannuation Services Pty Ltd

Analysis of the Investment Fluctuation Reserve


Rice Warner Pty Ltd

Board Strategy Day and Tailored Market Projections


Spark Group

Calculator Modifications



ICT Services


The NTF Group

Member Insight Analysis and Member Roadmap





Non SAFA & Super SA:



Solution Architect - N Ramesh


Ansarada Pty Ltd

Data Room Q&A process for Domiciliary Care Services Market Reform Project and Therapy Services (ASSIST)


Australia Post

Provision of payment processing services


Australian War Memorial

Valour and Violets Publication


BDO Advisory SA

Probity Advisor to various projects managed by the Commercial Projects Group


Commonwealth Bank

Provision of payment processing


CKM Management Solutions Pty Ltd

Management Accounting Services - Assisting in the preparation of the monthly BMS Profile & annual Agency Statements


Enclave Project Delivery

Director of School PPP Project


Ernst & Young

Commercial Advisory Services


Escient Pty Ltd

Establish RevenueSA Portfolio Processes & Templates


Fujitsu Australia

Professional Services - Interim Support/Application Management Services


GAAP Consulting



Hames Sharley (SA) Pty Ltd

State Administration Centre Precinct - Strategic Advice & Options Study


History Trust of SA

Creation of Armistice Banners



Records Management Project



Financial Due Diligence to the Domiciliary Care Services Market Reform Project


KPMG Financial Advisory

Accounting, Tax and ICT Advise for the Land Services Commercialisation Project


Lanes Print Group

Provision of printing and dispatch services – LT and ESL


LimeBridge Australia Pty Ltd

Implement findings from the Customer Experience Review


Matthew Nicholls

DTF GST Manual Update


Moelis Australia Advisory Pty Ltd

Due Diligence Report and for the Retention Value & Reserve Price Review for CPG



Business Continuity Management Development


SMS Consulting Group Ltd

"As is" process mapping for Domiciliary Care Services Market Reform Project


Wakefield Press Pty Ltd

Valour and Violets Publication





Office of the Valuer General

AON Risk Services

Professional Valuation Services


Australian Valuation Solution

Professional Valuation Services on behalf of SAICORP


GHD Pty Ltd

Property Valuation Listing Processing Charge


Hermes Precisa Pty Ltd

Property Valuation Listing Service Charges


Jones Lang Lasalle

Professional Valuation Services


Knight Frank Valuations

RAA Property Portfolio Report and Supreme Court Action


Preston Rowe Paterson Mount Gambier

Professional Valuation Services





Total all contractors


Data is available at: https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/department-of-treasury-and-finance-annual-report-statistics

The details of all South Australian Government-awarded contracts for goods, services, and works are displayed on the SA Tenders and Contracts website here.

The website also provides details of across government contracts here.

The following is a brief summary of the overall financial position of the agency. Full audited financial statements for 2017-18 are attached to this report.

The department’s revised operating budget provided for a net operating surplus of $10.985 million. The department recorded an actual net operating surplus of $17.478 million for 2017‑18. The favourable variance of $6.493 million is primarily due to:

  • Delays in several projects resulting in under expenditure ($5.037 million) for which the department will apply for carryovers into 2018-19;
  • Lower than anticipated expenditure from cost recovery branches ($5.358 million), which is partially offset by lower recoveries ($3.233 million).

Budget 2017-18

Actual Result  




202 505

191 922

10 583


86 473

81 662

(4 811)

Net cost of providing services

116 032

110 260

5 772

Revenues from SA Government

127 017

127 738


Payments to SA Government




Net Result

10 985

17 478

6 493

Other financial information

Nil to report.

Other information requested by the Minister(s) or other significant issues affecting the agency or reporting pertaining to independent functions

Nil to report.

Section B: Reporting of public complaints as requested by the Ombudsman

Public complaints received by RevenueSA

Category of complaints by subject

Number of instances

Customer service provided by RevenueSA


Notice incorrectly addressed


Ease of use of website


Public complaints received by Super SA

Category of complaints by subject

Number of instances



Member Communication








External Service Provider


Data for the past five years is available at: https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/department-of-treasury-and-finance-annual-report-statistics

Complaint outcomes

Nature of complaint or suggestion

Services improved or changes as a result of complaints or consumer suggestions

RevenueSA – customer service

Expectations of customer service reinforced with staff members.

RevenueSA - notice incorrectly addressed

Matter dealt with as a matter of priority to ensure future notices sent to the correct address.

An online change of address form for Emergency Services Levy and Land Tax is available.

RevenueSA – ease of use of website

Changes made to website where appropriate.

Super SA – FRP Investors completing outdated forms.

Links to outdated forms removed from the website’s content management system.

Super SA – Board/Sessional workers who believed they were eligible for insurance.

Super SA provided relevant insurance communication to key stakeholders and Tribunals who may engage members in work that does not meet the eligibility criteria for insurance. These members are now more aware of their insurance eligibility.

Super SA – Inability to transact online.

Functionality of the new online portal allows members to lodge investment switches online.

Most payments on Bluedoor are paid by electronic transfer, rather than cheque.

Super SA – Improvement of online communications

Existing fact sheets were updated and a new fact sheet created.

Super SA – Initial technical issues due to the implementation of the new administration system, resulting in higher volumes of calls, longer wait times and inability to login to the new member portal

Implemented an escalation process for raising and resolving system defects with the vendor.

Engaged a number of additional temporary staff to assist with member enquiries and reduce call wait times.

Introduced an escalation and prioritisation system to ensure urgent member needs are met.

Updated the on hold phone message to advise members of expected delays.

Provided weekly communication to members via all channels regarding possible delays and status of resolution times.

Provided regular updates to Super SA key stakeholders to ensure awareness of technical issues and responses to them.