Department of Treasury and Finance

Superannuation for public sector employees

About Public Sector Superannuation

The South Australian Superannuation Board, also referred to as the Super SA Board, is responsible for managing the following schemes in line with the appropriate Acts and other relevant legislation:

  • Triple S
  • Lump Sum Scheme
  • Pension Scheme
  • Super SA Flexible Rollover Product
  • Super SA Income Stream
  • SA Ambulance Service Superannuation Scheme.  Read more…

Other schemes administered

The State Superannuation Office also administers the following schemes:

  • Parliamentary Superannuation Scheme
  • Judges Pension Scheme
  • Governors Pension Scheme.

For enquiries regarding these schemes please call (08) 8226 9839.

Super SA website

The Super SA website offers access to Super SA publications, including annual reports to members and member booklets.

The website also contains a range of information about the Triple S, Lump Sum and Pension schemes, post-retirement products, Flexible Rollover and Income Stream products. Read more…

SA Ambulance Service Superannuation website

The SA Ambulance Service Superannuation website offers access to publications including annual reports to members and member forms. Read more…



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