Department of Treasury and Finance

Your application

Applications for the 2019 Graduate Development Program are now open!

You can apply if you are a recent or prospective graduate from an accounting, economics, finance or business/commerce degree who is looking to start in a graduate role in within the next 12 months.

This means you can apply if:

You are a final-year student graduating either mid-year or at the end of this year

You have recently graduated.

You will need the following documents to apply:

  • An up-to-date CV/resume – length 2 pages maximum with 2-3 current referees
  • Your current Academic Transcript – an unofficial transcript is fine
  • Your response to our Selection Criteria – length 2 pages maximum.

The four Selection Criteria questions are:

  1. Problem solving – tell us about a time you have used your analytical skills and critical thinking to solve a problem. Please describe the steps you took to identify the problem, research options, test hypothesis and interpret results, find a solution and implement it.
  2. Time management – describe a time you have had to organise, plan and prioritise in order to meet critical timeframes. Please include examples of how you achieved the outcome or met the deadline.
  3. Team work –tell us what you think is important in a successful team and your ability to work as a team member. Please describe a team you have been part of, its objectives and challenges, how they were met or overcome, the final outcome, and your role in the team.
  4. You – we want to know what makes you the right person to join our team. What motivates you to apply for a graduate position in the Government of South Australia? Why do you want to make SA a better place to live, work and do business?

Please note that the Government of South Australia can only employ Australian citizens and permanent residents of Australia in ongoing (tenured) positons. If you have a valid Australian work visa, you can still apply through the GDP for a limited number of contract (non-tenured) positions.

Once you have all three documents ready, you can apply.


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