Department of Treasury and Finance

Our functions

The Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) is the lead agency for economic, social and financial policy outcomes.

We conduct research, analyse information, give advice and contribute to government policy and decision making.

We also provide financial services to the community, covering asset and liability management, collection of state taxes, insurance and superannuation.

Budget, Analysis and Performance

  • Provision of advice on budgetary and financial issues.
  • Management of state budget process.
  • Economic and financial analysis of government programs and projects.
  • Provision of fiscal and policy advice on a range of government programs and projects, including proposed new initiatives and government reform initiatives.
  • Monitoring financial performance of government agencies.

Public Finance

  • Maintenance of government budget management and reporting systems.
  • Management of financial policy, legislation and governance framework.
  • Preparation of budget and actual financial reports.
  • Provision of policy advice on a range of issues, including:
    • Commonwealth-state relations
    • economic regulation
    • fiscal policy
    • revenue forecasts and revenue policy matters
    • gambling and not-for-profit reform
    • commercial transactions.

Commercial Projects

  • Realise the value of selected state assets to strengthen the state’s balance sheet including a range of commercial property sales, the Compulsory Third Party Insurance Market Reform project and other projects.

Super SA

  • Management of public sector superannuation schemes.
  • Provision of advice on superannuation policy.
  • Information about Super SA can found at


  • Management of state taxation legislation
  • Management of state revenue systems.
  • Management of compliance programs.
  • Provision of policy advice on taxation issues.
  • Management of various grants, rebates and subsidy schemes.
  • Information about Revenue SA can found at

South Australian Government Financing Authority (SAFA)

  • Management of funding requirements and existing stock of government liabilities.
  • Provision of financial risk management and advisory services.
  • Management of the insurance and reinsurance of government risks.
  • Provision of corporate governance, transaction management and support services for the electricity entities and administration of contracts associated with industry assistance programs.
  • Provision of advice on Public Private Partnerships.
  • Management of government light commercial and passenger vehicle fleet.
  • Information about SAFA can be found at

Veterans SA

  • Monitors and provides policy advice about matters relating to the welfare of veterans and the commemoration of their service.
  • Supports the Veterans’ Advisory Council to provide a forum for the veteran community to communicate directly to the highest levels of state government through the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs.
  • Promotes Australia’s wartime history and the significance of national events such as Anzac Day, Remembrance Day and Vietnam Veterans’ Day.
  • Management of various grants to support the veteran community and commemorate the service and sacrifice of South Australia’s veterans.
  • Information about Veterans SA can be found at

Lifetime Support Authority (LSA )

  • Provides treatment, care and support for people who have sustained serious, lifelong disabilities in a motor vehicle accident in South Australia regardless of fault, through the Lifetime Support Scheme (LSS).
  • Information about the LSA can be found at

CTP Insurance Regulator 

  • The CTP Insurance Regulator (Regulator) is established as an independent statutory authority under the Compulsory Third Party Insurance Regulation Act 2016.
  • The Regulator is responsible for the oversight, monitoring and reporting of approved CTP insurer activities in the South Australian market, ensuring that a fair and affordable CTP Insurance Scheme (Scheme) is maintained, continuing to improve Scheme outcomes for the injured, and having oversight of the CTP Insurance premium setting process.
  • The Regulator is responsible for leading the ongoing development of an efficient, competitive, and viable CTP Insurance industry in South Australia.
  • Information about CTP Insurance Regulator can found at

Simpler Regulation Unit 

The Government of South Australia is committed to making South Australia the best place to do business. We are committed to creating an environment in which businesses can operate competitively in the global economy.

The Simpler Regulation Unit contributes to this through

  • Collaborating and consulting with business, stakeholders, the community and government agencies.
  • Identifying, exploring and implementing relevant regulatory changes to cut red tape, remove unnecessary burdens
  • Reform regulation to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business environment. This in turn supports innovation, new investment and jobs.


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